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A whimsical formal portrait session: Tuan & Joylynn

When a bride calls wanting a formal portrait session styled I always get excited. When she mentions Greer G is shooting and she wants it to be high fashion ‘vogue’ meets Alice In Wonderland, I get down right giddy. Greer and I immediately thought of Stella Plantation, where the oaks are seriously magical. I designed three scenes; an alice-esque tea party scene, a whimsical ‘sleeping under the oaks’ scene, and a high fashion vogue scene (think ladders and a very brave bride in an oak tree!). Hair and makeup people were on hand to switch up each look for each scene! I loved every minute of this day. Enjoy! ~Julia xox

presenting Laina Miller

I get asked about my logo and branding all the time, so I thought it would be fun to share the process with you. Ms. Laina Miller is the wonderfully talented graphic designer behind the Mrs. Vintage brand. She took the hand drawn “Mrs. Vintage” logo from Angelique Phillis of Angelique Ink and turned it into an entire brand! All she had to work with were a few key words I wanted the Mrs. Vintage brand to portray, and one CRAZY deadline. I approached her with my brand idea in November, and told her I’d really like to have everything launched by February, the start of the spring New Orleans’ wedding season. Despite the fact that the holidays fell right in the middle of this colossal project, Laina pulled it off. She created a full brand, business cards, creative copy, AND re-designs before the end of February. Laina is based in Los Angeles, but since she’s brilliant, she has clients all over the country. She recently ventured into the wedding world, and I think her creative range …

delightful cake toppers

It may seem like a teeny tiny detail in the scheme of things, but the wedding cake topper is an important part of making your big day personal and unique. All of the toppers shown here are available for purchase through Etsy. I have sifted though pages and pages of cake toppers so you don’t have to! Which one is your favorite? I seriously can’t decide. Love birds with lace and a little rose hat!? Adorable. via Etsy A bit more modern, I love this font. via Etsy. mr. & mrs. in typewriter font. via Etsy.  knit fish! via Etsy.  wait for it…. Only you and your love will know about this detail! via Etsy. a miniature replica of Robert Indiana’s iconic sculpture- with love doves of course. via Etsy.  crocheted hearts. via Etsy. a tiny burlap banner! via Etsy.  perfect mix of vintage and whimsy. via Etsy. 

It’s what they call fate…

When Mrs. Vintage was just a little teeny tiny figment of my imagination, a dream that I almost didn’t dare to dream, I was put in contact with Elyse Skansi of Tying The Knot Wedding Coordination here in New Orleans. From the very first minute I spoke to Elyse I knew two things: one, that this girl get’s it. She understands vintage, and weddings, and exactly where I was coming from; and two, that there was room in the close-knit New Orleans wedding community for a vintage rental company. As we discussed ideas and inspiration, our mutual love for all things weddings became very clear. We decided to set up a photo shoot, a showcase, if you will, of Mrs. Vintage. Elyse brought in the incredibly talented Greer G Manolis of Greer G Photography and came up with the hopelessly romantic theme of ‘until the end of time’. The shoot turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and thank you Universe for connecting …