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The Company You Keep Podcast EP #8: Defne Crowe of MADE PR

The Company You Keep Podcast // MADE PR

This is a really fun show you guys!! I think everyone who either has a product or is running their own company will get some valuable advice from this episode. Defne Crowe did something very risky when she turned 30, she decided to leave her stable job in PR, and branched out on her own. At the time, one client came with her (this is all so Jerry Maguire and I love it!) and from word-of-mouth marketing she has been able to land her dream client – Blue Bottle Coffee- and has grown her firm to represent some of the biggest brands in their respective industries! MADE PR specializes in handcrafted communications for handmade goods, which is very exciting for the maker’s movement. Some of her clients include, Three Twins Ice Cream, Self Edge Denim, Timbuk2 and Goorin Bros. Hat Company.

We chat about what it’s like to move to San Francisco, and how finding your groove can take a little while. We discuss how to land your dream client and create PR campaigns specifically tailored to different industries, and best practices to get your product in front of the right people.

Defne is one of those go-getters, and her enthusiasm for her craft is contagious! Take a listen, and if you like the show, please tell a friend! And remember to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review. Thanks so much guys! ~Julia xox

The Company You Keep // Made PR

The Company You Keep // Made PR

The Company You Keep // Made PR




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