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Gossamer Vintage

I had lunch with a photographer friend the other day, and she was showing me photos of a recent shoot she did in New Orleans. I’m always in awe of her work, but the beautiful gown the bride wore particularly struck me. It was so original, I just had to know where it was from! She told me she rented it from Gossamer Vintage, and then I died because there was a vintage garment rental company that I had not yet heard of! I immediately insta-stalked them and fell in love even more.

The name Gossamer comes from the name of a silk of the very finest texture. The brand was created by a photographer who was always sourcing fine vintage garments for her own shoots, and like most incredible entrepreneurs, she saw a hole in the market and filled it.

You can tell from her website how carefully she curates and cares for her collection. Each piece is hand washed and mended if needed, then packaged up for delivery anywhere in the world. How divine!

Gossamer has garments for rental and for sale! Check out the website here for more details.

gossamer 1

gossamer 2

gossamer 5They offer veil rental too!

gossamer 4

gossamer 9

gossamer 8

gossamer 3

gossamer 6

Photography by Rebecca Yale Photography, Inc.

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  1. Your description of the store is just perfect. 🙂 I loved that you included the meaning of Gossamer since many are still unaware of its meaning.

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