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Friday Etsy Finds: Twigs and Honey

Sometimes one seller is just so fantastic, it makes my Friday Etsy Finds post easy! I was going to make this post about crystal bridal headpieces, obviously found on Etsy, but then I just couldn’t leave the Twigs & Honey shop! I’ve known about Twigs & Honey since I got married in 2012. I think every bride who has ever considered this style has probably heard of them. So it’s no wonder that Twigs & Honey have been carrried at J Crew, BHLDN and Nordstrom! Proof that with an incredible product and a lot of hard work, any entrepreneur (even Etsy-preneurers!) can make their dreams come true.

Here are my favorites, but PLEASE check out her website for more incredible bridal looks! I just love them all. Let me know what you think!

TH crystal 1

TH crystal 3

TH crystal 4

TH crystal 2

TH crystal 5

TH crystal 6

TH crystal 8

TH crystal 7


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