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The Hillside Schoolhouse Inn

What is it about old one-room schoolhouses!? We have one near our home in California, and I literally want to send my future kids there based on how adorable it looks. I know, I should probably look into the scholastic achievements of an institution and not base my child’s education on aesthetics, but since my children don’t exist yet, I’m allowed to dream. The clean design and architecture just remind me a simpler time.

You can image my excitement when I read about a couple who left the corporate world to remodel a dilapidated schoolhouse in Barryville, New York and turn it into an INN! And what a beautiful job they did indeed. Take a peek, and if you’re ever in upstate NY you just must stay at the Hillside Schoolhose Inn.

Exterior hillside






hillsideschoolhouse guestroom2

X2-1024x735Not surprisingly, the couple also offers beautiful handmade furniture for sale. Shop their products right here!



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