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New Beginnings

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a little while since my last blog post, and that’s mostly because I’ve been in the middle of some very big, life changing events! First of all, my husband accepted a job in Northern California! Actually, (strangely enough) in the town I grew up in. So a few months back, we packed up our stuff and moved across country from Louisiana to California. We were entering our winter slow season at Mrs. Vintage, so it wasn’t such a big deal to fly back when I needed to.

Or so I thought.

After just two flights, I knew that this lifestyle was not sustainable. I felt sort of torn: what was I to do with this incredible brand and company I worked so hard to build!? I just couldn’t keep flying back and forth, there had to be a better option!

That is when a fairy godmother named Audra O’Dom reached out to me, unsolicited. I had told exactly THREE people that I was willing to sell my company, and apparently word spreads like wildfire in NOLA. Southern gossip ended up being a blessing for me, because when Audra reached out and told me that she had her own vintage rental company, Distressed Rentals & Revival  in Hattiesburg, MS and was interested in talking to me about expanding into the New Orleans market, I knew I needed to have a meeting with this gal. We struck up a perfect deal that allows me to keep my brand name Mrs. Vintage (which I’ve grown very fond of for obvious reasons), and allowed her to acquire all of my rentals and 2015 bookings. She’s instantly the busiest vintage rental company in New Orleans, and just like that we have two very happy business owners.

If you are looking for vintage rentals in New Orleans, I highly recommend reaching out to Audra. She is fantastic and enthusiastic and has a great eye for styling and vintage furniture. See all of her treasures here!

As for me, I already have a million more projects waiting in the wings. I’m currently curating a vintage furniture collection for sale! So instead of rentals, y’all will have the opportunity to take my pieces home. Shipping will be available nationwide. There will be a link to my online shop right here and also on my website: juliahohne.com. You can follow along on my adventures on Instagram: @juliahohne and of course I’m also a farmer’s wife, so follow us at @Homestead_Living as well.

This blog will expand to encompass the best in vintage weddings, travel and lifestyle! ANNNNDDDD I’m starting a new podcast where I will sit down each week with a creative entrepreneur and hear their story in their own words…


Anyway, if you read that whole post you’re my favorite person.


Love you,




  1. Julia! This is fantastic news, I’m so happy you’re back on the West Coast! Congratulations on yet another big adventure and such great news!

    Hope to keep in touch and see you soon! Xo

    • Awe, thanks Tori!! It’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks, but really excited to be home 🙂 Hope we can catch up soon!

      Julia xox

  2. awww I am so happy for you!!! This is amazing news. I too am packing up my bags and moving to California next summer to pursue completely new dreams!! It’s bittersweet to sell what you’ve worked for, I totally get it! But it is amazing to start a brand new adventure in a new place! I wish you the best in your new endeavors! Xoxo

    • Hi Courtney!

      Thank you so much! You are so inspiring, I actually read your post a while back about moving, and thought to myself, I’m about to do that! Haha, what part of California are you moving to? Maybe we can grab coffee if you’re coming to SF!

  3. Onnolee Stevens says

    Of course, I already know I am “your favorite person”– but just to cap the deal, I read your entire blog and looked at all the pictures.

    I love you honey– and of course Robby as well.

    Grandma ( or as Andrew tells me I am to become–“Gigi” for Great- Grandma)

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