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Nautical Wedding Inspiration

So, I’ve been trying this new thing lately, it’s called actually scheduling a day off. I know, sounds crazy, but when you’re self employed it’s really REALLY hard to ever take a day off. Seems like there is always something that could get done; a table that needs fixing, a dresser that needs painting, an e-mail that needs sending, and before you know it, you’ve gone three weeks without doing laundry.

Since I usually have events on the weekends, I’ve decided to take Mondays off and solely do things that re-charge my creative battery and inspire me to make things pretty. So today’s design board was inspired by one of my lovely brides and her sea captain fiancé. We are working on many sweet nautical themed details with one of my favorite color palettes to date: navy, white and red! Enjoy! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~Julia xox

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  1. love it! great minds think alike this morning! have you ever come across vintage wooden ship steering wheels in all of your picking and searching? i’d love to see that as a basis for a centerpiece design or some other tabletop feature!

    great post! looking forward to many more! 🙂

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