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DIY: Mirror Turned Chalkboard

Hi y’all! I’m so excited to be joining Mrs. Vintage as a styling assistant and guest blogger. There couldn’t be a better time of year to be on the hunt for blog inspiration either – it’s spring! And for the creative girl, spring means more than just clearing out your closet. It means giving old things a fresh coat of paint. And since I’ve been spending lots of time with all of the awesome Mrs. Vintage inventory – including our framed chalkboards – I thought it was time for a fresh coat of chalkboard paint! Check out the Mrs. Vintage chalkboards that got me into the spring DIY spirit below – they returned from a wedding last week decorated with some seriously adorable hand lettering by SmallChalk.

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ Jen Menard Photography Photo by Jen Menard.

A few months back, I picked up a small mirror for a couple bucks from River Road Flea Market  – one of my favorite places to poke around for vintage goodies. The mirror was a little bit of a plain Jane and I thought it could use a little makeover. With a little DIY attention, I turned it into turned into a framed vintage chalkboard.

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ DIY Chalkboard

The project ended up taking very little time and costing under $10. I ordered a can of Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint on Amazon for $5. Once you finish this DIY project, you are going to start wanting to carrying this spray paint around and turning everything into a chalkboard. It’s a little addictive… when you start eyeing your kitchen table and wondering how it would look as a chalkboard, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


  • Framed Mirror
  • Chalkboard Spray Paint
  • Newspaper
  • Painter’s tape (optional)

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ DIY Chalkboard

You have two options for spray painting the mirror. You can either take the mirror itself out of the frame, or you can cover the frame with painter’s tape to protect it from the paint. Removing the mirror is going to make the project much easier and the finished chalkboard paint much cleaner and neater. The back of my frame had some staples holding the mirror in, but it was super easy to pull those out to remove the mirror glass from the frame. I laid the mirror on some newspaper outside in the sun and I did three coats of spray paint total. Between each, I waited a couple minutes for each coat to dry before spraying on another. My best tip? Hold the can about a foot away from the mirror surface, and spray the paint in lines that just barely overlap. And, when it comes time to draw on your chalkboard, dipping the chalk in water makes the lines extra bright.

Check out the finished product below. I had so much fun learning to write and draw in chalk for the frame. I love how the tiny size of this chalkboard could work for a prop for engagement pictures, a hanging wedding countdown, or for a table display.

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ DIY Chalkboard

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ DIY Chalkboard

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ DIY Chalkboard

See you guys soon with some more spring inspired projects!


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