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Be Our Guest: Besties

I’m SO excited, today is our very first (of many!) guest blog posts! Today we have the fabulous Kim from the hilarious blog New Girl In NOLA giving some tips on what to do with out of town guests on the days surrounding your wedding! Enjoy!

You’ve planned a destination wedding in New Orleans and asked your best friends to spend all weekend with you in the Crescent City. Whether they are in the wedding party or not, there will be some downtime in between the festivities and it might be a good idea to have a few tips up your lacy sleeve. Surprisingly to your guests, there is a lot more to do than go to Bourbon St. to get wasted, Cafe du Monde to get powdered sugar all over your face and Mothers to get some messy debris po boys. Since the main attraction is the Wedding (as it should be), your guests may not have put that much thought into what to do when you won’t be the center of their attention for an afternoon or two. Unless they planned accordingly, they may be a bit lost in the Quarter and think the only option is to drink (and the last thing you need are some drunk groomsmen). In the segment I like to call “Be Our Guest” I will be providing suggestions for the various  groups of attendees you might expect for your Big Day in the Big Easy! First up: your besties.


Mrs. Vintage Blog // Roosevelt Hotel

  1. Pool at the Roosevelt or Monteleone – Don’t tell anyone I told you…but these two pools are pretty easy to sneak into if you just act like you belong there. “Oh no towel man! I forgot my key!” Boom – you’re in. If it’s a sunny day and your gal pals are freaked they didn’t get to the beach beforehand, this is a great place to get a glow.
  2. Shopping on Magazine (or at Canal Place)– Magazine St. is a short cab ride from the quarter, and if your girlfriends need an afternoon to shop til they drop in adorable boutiques and antique shops, then this is the place. Tell them to start at Washington and Magazine and head uptown from there. Canal Place is located right at the edge of the Quarter (N. Peters @ Canal) and is great for the ladies that need last minute shoes, jewelry or just like to use their credit card. Anthropologie, J. Crew and Saks Fifth Avenue should keep them prettay busy.
  3. The NOT Cafe du Monde – I get it, it’s famous and a lot of your friends have never been to New Orleans, so its made it on “the list.” But if you want to give them some local tips and they aren’t into the crowds and excessive powdered sugar…tell them to step into one of these adorable courtyard cafes tucked away in the FQ. Charming, quiet and oh so delicious!
  • Cafe Beignet – dare to be different and grab some beignets or a bite at this little haunt on Royal St. Sit in the adjacent courtyard and watch the tourists go by without being in your space.
  • Croissant d’Or – this cafe is nestled in the perfect quiet spot on Ursulines at Chartres St, with the most delicious french pastries and cafe au lait. You would never know it was here unless I just told you. Seriously, you’re welcome.
  • Cafe Amelie – for a bit of an upscale place with the ladies who like to brunch, check out this little oasis. One of the best courtyards with plenty of outdoor space, a phenomenal menu & just the spot to take a breather.


  1. Mrs. Vintage Blog// Aiden GillAiden Gill – So these guys forgot their razor at home and need help looking sharp for your lady friends? Send them to get an old fashioned shave at this luxury barbershop located in the Lower Garden District on Magazine St. Guys can get pampered too!
  2. Harrah’s Casino – sure they give you booze when you gamble, but if they are really into some black jack, they won’t be guzzling it down too fast. It’s just past the Quarter, and is the perfect way to spend a few lost hours (and hopefully not dollars).
  3. Golf – there are a few golf courses that are quick and easy cab rides from Downtown & the FQ – City Park and Audubon Park. Both have great scenic courses, aren’t too expensive and will give the boys a reason to get their polo shirts on.
  4. Cigars – What’s a wedding without some cigars at the end of it? To get the guys ready to celebrate, lead them to one of the several cigar shops in the french quarter. Just to name a few: Mary Jane’s Emporium, Crescent City Cigar Shop and Esteli Cigar Shop.

That’s all for my first segment! I look forward to giving y’all tips around the town and if you ever need a recommendation for anything, give me a shout. I’ve been around this town quite a bit for the short amount of time I’ve lived here. If I don’t know it, don’t fret, because I LOVE researching…especially when there is good food and cocktails involved 🙂


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