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Taking Great Engagement Pics

I put together this list of tips for A Little Happy a while back, but realized I never shared it with my lovely readers! So here it is again, all my secrets to taking great engagement photos. Did you know that I style and design engagement photo shoots? I do! Check out my styling services and contact me for pricing!

First, Set The Scene

Mrs. Vintage Blog // Joy Thigpen Styling // Jose Villa PhotographyJose Villa Photography, styled by Joy Thigpen

Essentially, what you are doing is telling a story. You are telling your love story though the eyes of your photographer. So make sure and pick a couple of locations that represent you as a couple. It’s easy to set the scene when you think about it. Just ask yourself a few questions: Where did y’all meet? What do you enjoying doing most on the weekends? How did he propose? Do you have a special landmark or spot in town that reminds you of your fiancé?

Once you answer one of these questions, it’s easy to set the scene. For example, did he propose on a picnic in City Park? Re-create that picnic scene complete with a blanket and a bottle of wine! When you create a scene that is familiar to you both, it will not only help to relax you in front of the camera it will really make your personalities shine though in the photos.

Next, Select A Wardrobe

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy khaki and white. What you wear in the photos is just as important as where you take the photos! And contrary to (somewhat dated) popular belief, color is king! Pick colors that you look fabulous in, that bring out his eyes, and that you feel great in.

Mrs. Vintage Blog // Greer G PhotographyGreer G Photography

Mrs. Vintage Blog // Eric Kelly PhotographyEric Kelly Photography 

Once you set the scene, you will be able to pick appropriate outfits. Are you a 1920’s speakeasy loving cocktail aficionado? Well, perfect. Perhaps your scene is set in Arnaud’s French 75 Bar, you are wearing a floor length gown with ruby red lips and your fiancé is looking dapper in a bowtie. If that’s your personal style, then you must let it shine though! Do you love the fancy architecture of the French Quarter, but he’s a country boy? Think about setting two scenes, each with an outfit change. Maybe you are strolling the city streets in a cute dress and suit, but for the country scene you loosen up a bit and change into blue jeans! I highly recommend at least two outfits and one change of scenery to really get that broad range of looks.

Don’t Forget The Props!

You really don’t need too many prop items, but just a few can really make a big impact in the photos. Do you two love to travel, and have been all over the world together? Think about incorporating vintage luggage or globes into your shoot. Or perhaps he’s a musician, bring along his instrument and get a few shots of him serenading you. You both love Abita beer you say? Have a few on hand for a cheers shot or just to have in the background at the picnic scene. Trust me, these little personal touches take a shoot from 1 million photos of him kissing your head, to a story unfolding before your eyes.

Mrs. Vintage Blog // Eddie Marroquin Photography Marroquin Photography , styled by Mrs. Vintage.

I do hope this helps in creating your perfect engagement photo shoot. Remember, you only get one chance to take awesome photos before you’re husband and wife so make them count!


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