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Easy-peasy DIY heart garland

Christmas cheer is in full swing here in New Orleans. Magazine Street is bustling with holiday shoppers, the houses and halls have been decked, and my favorite hotel, The Roosevelt, is decorated from crystal chandelier to marble floor in twinkle lights. Glittery gold and Christmas go hand-in-hand in my book, so I thought it would be fun to share with you this SUPER simple DIY heart garland that you can add to your holiday mantle. It’s so simple in fact, that it should take you less than an hour from tracing your first heart to getting it hung on the mantle. I’d love to see your finished pics! ~Julia

Mrs. Vintage DIY Heart Garland First get 2-3 sheets of 8″x10″ glitter paper, I bought this from Hobby Lobby. Next trace a heart with a heart shaped cookie cutter! So simple!

Mrs. Vintage DIY Heart Garland After you’ve cut at least six hearts, flip them over and use packaging tape to secure one long length of twine to the back of each heart.

DIY Heart GarlandSee how a little bit of glitter can add so much? If you don’t have a giant frame, just string it along your mantle.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

roosevelt- new orleans The Roosevelt, New Orleans. Thank you Southern Living for this amazing photo.


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