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stunning backless wedding gowns

The Twitter-verse is on fire with Instagrams and tweets from the Spring 2013 New York Bridal Market, and from what I’ve seen so far we are all in for a major treat this season! Lace, sequin, sparkles, and pleated veils galore! The backless gown has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my love and fascination with type of gown. It’s just so feminine and sexy, if you can pull it off, by all means you should! Here are a few of my favorites, some are brand spankin’ new, others I’ve been swooning over since the start of my wedding planning over a year ago. I’d love to know your thoughts! Do you love a backless gown as much as I do? ~Julia

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless gown spring 13 bridal market unknown

Instagram from 2013 Bridal Market, anyone know the designer?

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless gown unknown

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless gown delphine manivetDelphine Manivet 

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless gown wanda borgesWanda Borges 

Mrs. Vintage ~ backless gown Claire La FayeThis little piece of perfection was one of the first wedding gowns I ever Pinned. Claire La Faye

Mrs. Vintage ~ backless gown wanda borges Wanda Borges

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless unknown Katie May

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless wanda borgesWanda Borges

Mrs. Vintage Blog ~ backless wedding gown Sarah SevenSarah Seven 


  1. Sarah says

    I have been looking all over for the wanda borges of the girl sitting on the couch. Anyone know the model number or sku? I can’t find it anywhere

  2. Ashleigh says

    where Can I Find The Backless Katie May Dress Listed On This Website?

    • Hi Ashleigh!

      You will have to go to the Katie May website directly to find out who stocks this dress.

      Best of luck!

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  4. Trina says

    I wonder where I could buy that Katie may backless wedding dress?

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Trina, Go online to Katie May’s website, From there you can reach out to their customer support who can help you receive a gown. They are in some bridal stores, but they also sell their gowns online and have a sample process for you to try on the gown prior to purchasing. The gown on this site is called the Princeville.

    • Kristina says

      Katie May has a website you can order a sample directly from, but the website also lists all of the stores which stock her dresses.

  5. Stacey says

    I have fallen in love with the Wanda Borges wedding dress but they don’t reply to my emails and I can’t find a UK stockist. Can you shed any light for me xxx

    • Kristina says

      Wanda Borges has replied to my emails, but the information is that you must order a custom dress by appointment in brazil. They do not ship dresses. It frustrated me quite a bit since she is in all the magazines but her dresses are unattainable for those of us who cannot fly to brazil for multiple fittings!

  6. charlotte elsey says

    never mind Ive just seen the name underneath the picture haha!x

  7. charlotte elsey says

    Absolutley stunning! Does any one know who the designer of the 6th dress down is or any ideas on where I could see more pictures of it? xx

  8. Jenny says

    I love the one that the blonde lady outdoors has on, any idea of the designer/make of this one. X

    • I’m not sure Jenny! Maybe take this pic to a bridal boutique to find out? Best of luck to you! And thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

    • It is Katie May and she is in LA. I researched for a very long time trying to find her:) She has 2 prices on the dress, a less expensive material for $1200, and the more expensive for $3000.

      • OMG Thank you so much Kristin!! You don’t know how many e-mails I’ve gotten asking me who designed it or if I sell it! Hahaha, I do wedding and event design which really disappointed a lot of readers! Thanks again, I just shared your knowledge with my Facebook readers as well 🙂


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