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A Little Happy!

Everyone could use A Little Happy in their day, right? Right. I am so excited and honored that Dominique Ellis, the PR maven behind Copy That Services, approached me to be a contributing writer to her shiny new blog A Little Happy. It’s a New Orleans centric lifestyle blog, featuring inspiring posts and images for the fashionable living lady. Also contributing weekly are Hattie Moll of my fave NOLA clothing boutique Hattie Sparks and Patricia Quinn Stokes of P.S. Creative, who you already know I’m a huge fan of. A collaborative effort from a few creative New Orleans’ female entrepreneurs, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of.

Here are a few images from the blog so far, keep a look out for my first post going up in two weeks! ~Julia

A Little Happy

A Little Happy

Dominique puts up a weekly ‘turn this outfit into a room’ post, which is just perfect for people like me who seriously get furniture but need a little help with fashion!

A Little Happy BlogThe blog will be full of our Instagram pics like this one snapped on the streets of New Orleans by Patricia!

So much more to come, from fall fashion inspiration straight from fashion week, to DIY’s and wedding invitation etiquette. We’ve really got a little somethin’ for everyone. I hope you stop by the blog, and bring A Little Happy into your life! xox

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