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the pretty plantation

Being a California girl and growing up in wine country, I’ve seen my fair share of winery weddings. They are absolutely stunning, and I’ve thought to myself on more than one occasion that California wine country is even more beautiful than Tuscany. That being said, moving to the South and seeing a plantation wedding for the very first time took my breath away. There is something so romantic about a plantation wedding, like a classic southern love story unfolding before your eyes. The grandiose homes with sparkling white columns and wrap around porches, stand at the end of a perfectly manicured lawns, southern oaks and spanish moss dripping overhead.

This year, we have weddings booked for Destrehan Plantation and Southern Oaks Plantation and I can’t wait to see where our southern vintage brides take us next!

the stunning entrance to Oak Alley Plantation

Southern Oaks Plantation 

Southern Oaks evening wedding

Destrehan Plantation 

Entrance to the Mule Barn at Destrehan Plantation via MQ Photography 

The brightly colored and ornate San Francisco Plantation

San Francisco Plantation

Houmas House

The gardens of Houmas House

a wedding at Houmas House shot by the talented Maile Lani 

how could you not feel like a princess walking down an aisle like this!?

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