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wedding registry I.Q.- Anichini Textiles

I know the word luxury is used pretty loosely these days. It seems every time I read a new product review it almost inevitably uses the words ‘luxury’ or ‘gourmet’. That being said, I honestly don’t know how I could tell you about Anichini fine linens without using the word luxury. The line of towels, bedding and throws was first introduced to me by my mentor and good friend Robert Holgate at his interior design firm in San Francisco. The Nevada hand towels were in our office bathroom, and I remember thinking how luxurious the raised woven pattern was and that they always looked puffy and new even though we had used them for years. In the saturated and fiercely competitive textile market, it’s a pretty amazing feat that Anichini has been in business for over 25 years. Once you use the towels you will understand why. Yes, you pay a premium for the line (bath sheets are $90.00 each) but they will last for years, and you will not be disappointed.

Anichini was founded by Susan Dollenmaier in Vermont (one of my very favorite states and the destination for our honeymoon!) who sources silks from Assam, cashmere from Tibet, velvets and tapestries from Turkey, linen from Lithuania and woven silks from Morocco.

We’ve registered for the Nevada towel line, and although we may not receive them all through our registry I will most definitely purchase these gorgeous textiles for my home for years to come!

the Nevada line
Mykolas linen towels
thread dyed tablecloth
The beautiful Verona throw.

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  1. Paul E. Brogan says

    Thanks for your nice comments about Anichini – they are much appreciated. Thought you might like to know that Anichini is opening a new store in Quechee, Vermont at the end of May.

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