My Big Day
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delightful cake toppers

It may seem like a teeny tiny detail in the scheme of things, but the wedding cake topper is an important part of making your big day personal and unique. All of the toppers shown here are available for purchase through Etsy. I have sifted though pages and pages of cake toppers so you don’t have to! Which one is your favorite? I seriously can’t decide.

Love birds with lace and a little rose hat!? Adorable. via Etsy

A bit more modern, I love this font. via Etsy.

mr. & mrs. in typewriter font. via Etsy. 

knit fish! via Etsy. 

wait for it….

Only you and your love will know about this detail! via Etsy.

a miniature replica of Robert Indiana’s iconic sculpture- with love doves of course. via Etsy. 

crocheted hearts. via Etsy.

a tiny burlap banner! via Etsy. 

perfect mix of vintage and whimsy. via Etsy. 


  1. Eventacular! Texas Wedding and Events says

    I am going to be sharing these great ideas with my brides. I love unique and conversation starters and hope the brides will appreciate my suggestions.

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