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i heart vintage

Greer G Photography

I’ve had a love and appreciation for vintage furniture and antiques for many years. Perhaps it’s the quality of the pieces and the handmade details. Maybe it’s the story an antique sofa is almost begging to tell. Or the nostalgia you feel just looking at an old dusty typewriter.

After opening the doors of Mrs. Vintage back in November, I quickly came to realize that I am not alone in my love and appreciation for a time passed. The response to my vintage rental company has been astounding. New Orleans is a wonderfully romantic city and it’s become clear that a vintage rental company is exactly what many brides, wedding planners and photographers have been searching for. I am overjoyed that I can fill that void, as this is truly my passion and I love being able to share it with like minded people.

This blog will be my little corner of the world, showcasing my vintage finds, adventures and delightful inspirations that come my way. Glad you’re along for the ride!

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